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Athma Laya's corporate workshop guides an individual to develop the overall human personality. Human system comprises 5 domains - the body, mind, intellect, emotions and spirit. Optimization of human potential is in identifying each of these domains' needs and nurturing them efficiently. Athma Laya is designed to address the same through simple exercises, relaxation techniques, awareness of human emotions and neo-classical processes of meditation.

The dance steps will work upon the physical domain, an awareness of the positive and negative emotions with corrective measures will help maintain emotional equilibrium, the relaxation techniques releases the stress on human system and provides clarity of thoughts to the mind, the processes of meditation will improve the focusing capability and help in tapping the spiritual domain of the human system.

The workshop helps an individual to realize the composition of the human system, align the smooth functioning of the 5 domains in order to lead a comprehensive and complete life. The workshop will directly contribute to the qualitative output of an individual, which will reflect in the high performance levels, productivity enhancement, efficient leadership and contribution to harmonious human environment.

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Athma Laya's workshop for students will help in equipping them to face life's challenges successfully. The phase of adolescence is crucial as it lays the foundation of an individual's life. Peer pressure, influence of the society, the available opportunities and exposure might lead to tremendous psychological conflicts. The physical and emotional stress arising in this stage needs to be addressed and the abundance of energy in these youngsters needs to be channelised appropriately.

Athma Laya is designed to address all the above through simple exercises, relaxation techniques, awareness of human emotions and neo-classical meditation process. Effectively, the five domains of the human system, namely the body, mind, intellect, emotions and spirit align to synchronize harmoniously.

Dance, an interesting form of exercise is used as a therapy to create awareness on physical flexibility and to sustain the same. Expressing positive emotions and releasing negative emotions through a unique mix of dance and meditation provides the much needed emotional equanimity. Meditation processes sharpens focus and provides clarity of thoughts, which is very critical to stay competitive in today's environment.

In effect, the workshop contributes in facilitating the younger generation to draw strength and motivation from within, to build the right attitude and spirit, thus enabling them to lead both a prosperous and happy life.
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