Athma Laya for you
Athma Laya is an innovative culmination of simple techniques of dance and processes of meditation. It is the alchemy of our rich heritage leading any woman to strike the right balance in being ‘VIBRANT’ and ‘TRANQUIL’.

Athma Laya's commitment to women...
Physical Flexibility
Dance being an interesting form of exercise, Athma Laya has extracted specific simple steps, vital postures and graceful movements to provide immense satisfaction and lead to maintaining the desired physical flexibility.

Emotional Equanimity
Deeper into dance, Athma Laya has crystallized different expressions in dance form as a therapy to unearth the positive emotions and release suppressed negative emotions from the human system.

Clarity of Mind
Meditation helps to experience higher energy levels, balanced health and the prowess to successfully accomplish many tasks in life. Athma Laya through various static and dynamic processes will guide one through the path of meditation to enjoy the above benefits.

In effect, Athma Laya will help women to experience bliss and feel complete within.
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